How automatic can you make your tent

It’s came up in a few topic’s about how automatic you can make your tent. So I decided to post some pictures of my setup. This has been many grows to get my tent where it is at today… Free feel to post your questions. Also I would love to see if anyone is using different tools for controls…

Welcome to my space hope you enjoy it


Tent is a 8 by 4

8 inch Intake Fan works in parallel Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fan 8 inch installed top of tent the other side from Intake

Top right Exhaust out

All my Controls are made by Trolmaster

Left display is Hydro X and right display is AquaX

General Looks of wiring

As you can see different Modules control different conditions

This is my Network Hub… TrolMaster isn’t wireless

This is 2 of my Hub to connect all the modules

This is my Soil Moisture readers

This is my AquaX Control with PH and Ec

This is my Ro System Auto fill my holding tank… Added airStone to keep water fresh

This is my humidifier Small tank auto fills the unit Ro water

I added this little valve to bring fresh RO water into my room if needed

This my lighting Controls I have 2 4 x 4 lights 630 Watts each

All my wiring coming from the top down… No hydro is on the floor

This is my Ac right now it’s not installed because I don’t need right now (Needed mostly in flower)

I connect this duct to the top of the Ac

This is the intake of AC air bottom of tent… Before I had it on the top of the top but condensation was dripping on my light etc so I moved to the bottom

Here is my Drain system just installed haven’t used yet… I charged to this because I want bigger drain trays for bigger pots… Want to use 10 or 12 gallon pots next grow

Here is my pump that pumps leach water out of the tent

To lower my Rh I uses these dehumidifier’s but this time of year I don’t need so not installed

But I did come up with this little trick to lower my Rh this time of the year. If my Rh does get to high this intake fan will turn on injecting Lower RH air into the tent… I can also control this fan for temp if I want.

This is my Co2 control etc

This is my Dcc control… If tent is Exhausting it disables Co2 injection

Here is the Co2 line in the tent

I run this carbon fan in my room for extra smell protection

I’m building a new irrigation system right now so future update will show that part of the project


simply AMAZING set up!!! :star_struck:


I have full control of all environment… I can set any temp / Rh I want and hold it there all day long Np at all


I love how organized everything is. Such a clean and pro set up. :ok_hand:


Always a pleasure to see this just reminds me of where I’m trying to get too :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Wow! Very impressive!!


Wow how professional this is! very nice sir! I am really looking forward to get my tent in the next 6 months and tweaking it!


Incredible setup! Do you have an estimate of the cost to set it up?



:eyes: wow! That’s pretty mind blowing! All tho I don’t know much about grow tents but that’s way cooler then a closet or box!


Amazing. My head hurts trying to understand it all. That’s a lot of planing and craftsmanship right there.



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Thanks for laying this out in such detail! Impressive and helpful.


That is one crazy and amazing set up


Gotta love PEX!!! Has made life so much easier!!!


Simply amazing set up! A lot of planning and dedication went into that! Props to you!


You know that’s a really good question I have never really added it up. I’m kind of scared. I bought all over years so it doesn’t feel as bad as it is. It’s over 5k for sure but remember there is room for easy 8 plants. (I like having the extra space 4 plants is lots for me)


Thank you everyone for all the kind replies it’s been a lot of work over time. I want to add there is alot of extra’s in this setup that are kind of overkill but made sense at the time because of the style of growing I was doing. If I could take back time there is some gear I would remove from this setup.

Best advance I will give anyone from my experience is think what is your end goal for your tent. Buy what you need for the future not what your need today. I bought some many products 2 or 3 times replacing because I needed better or smarter hardware. This is a costly error on my part.


I can totally understand that :100: percent is y I keep a close eye :eye: on ur setup I do understand it’s going to take me a lil to get there but I’m ok :slightly_smiling_face: with that as long as I make progress every grow I’m cool :sunglasses: with it taking me a lil time definitely don’t wanna be making purchases that I will be changing later on :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Thanks! It does look costy and I’m sure it’s cost-effective. I’m just growing for me. :slight_smile:

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@Mpower11 what’s your electrical bill looking like? Really high, I imagine.

That setup is tits bro!!!