Tent Grow (hydro buckets) - Black Widow [HARVESTED]

Day 59:

  • current set up is a 20"x36"x63" vivosun tent :tent:, spider farmer sf 2000 light :bulb:, 4" AC T4 inline fan :wind_face: , tent clip fans , 3.5 gallon buckets :wastebasket:

  • perform 2.5 gallon distilled water :sweat_drops: change once a week with hydroguard, the 6-part general hydroponics flora series, and pH up adjustments :droplet:

  • 3rd week of flower (including 2 week transition time) with a deeper defoliation scheduled during this weekend’s weekly water change…humidity is under control but want to upgrade from a passive intake to an active intake system soon :slight_smile:

  • FEEDBACK is always welcomed and appreciated from the AG community …happy to have this group of growers :seedling: back :slight_smile:

On point! With my style anyways


Only thing I would consider is moving the buckets further apart and getting some tiedowns to pull in the branches down. You have the extra space so many as well take advantage of it. More light you get on the buds bigger they will be. Besides the intake fan that you mentioned I have nothing to add at this moment everything looks nice. Plants are praying and happy!!



Thank You @Mpower11 :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

always appreciate your insight and expertise :+1:t4:

i’ll try to spread them out as best as possible …gonna TRY some more aggressive training techniques during early vegetation on my next grow :seedling: …manifolding/mainlining sounds interesting :question:…


@ChicagoCypher_CC. Looks good :+1: I got a few questions, if you don’t mind. How do you like the height of your tent? How do you drain the buckets? Any thoughts on adding a chiller?


thanks @coffindancer appreciate the nice words…no bother at all as I’ll try to help you out as much as possible

i initially had a 16"x16"x48" :tent: for my 1st tent grow and my indica dominant strain grow was getting too tall for it…

moved up into the current 63" tall :tent: which I really like but could always go taller :straight_ruler: i needed every inch of height during my last Skywalker OG grow

i prefer to keep as much equipment inside the tent so the outside can appear neat

i have limited space at home but would consider the gorilla :gorilla: 2’ x 4’ tent in the future as it is taller and also has a couple of height extensions just in case you have a super tall sativa growing tall

I have two extra 3.5 gallon buckets :wastebasket: that i have for weekly water/nutrients changes…manually add water to empty buckets with nutrients and then switch the lid w/ plant to the new bucket…pretty easy process…if you use a net for your grow it’s kinda a hassle to remove during each water change

a water chiller :snowflake: system would be nice but not needed for me at this time as i live in a temperature controlled condominium …my water temperatures stay pretty cool in the black buckets…i use hydroguard every drain/fill with water temperatures below 72 :thermometer:


Those look great!! When I move (who knows when that will be) I’m wanting to do buckets too :sunglasses:


thanks @Angiebaby …jump right in as i’m sure you can make it work very well with the AG grow team support …a hydro tent grow is not hard at all as i put in the same amount of work on it as i did when i had a grobo


Not a bad idea. Your plant health is spot on… but if your looking to increase yield and size yes training is where your grow is lacking a bit. (don’t take this the wrong way)…

I agree Gorilla makes a great product but for me to much $$$ there is so many high quality tents for 75% less money… I just wanted everyone to know there is cheaper options

This is a great tip you always want extra space for Gear

This is true and there is easier ways also than Hydro growing


thanks again…all your feedback is received in a positive way :peace_symbol:…i can’t wait to try new veg stage training techniques as that the most fun growing time for me …i wish all tents had height extension too as I like the idea of having an extra couple feet of head room in my back pocket :rofl:


Your so right on that one most brands don’t offer the height but there is a couple that have the same height as Gorilla tents for much less but Limited with choices now

I own a 4 by 4 It is really nice But when I moved into my 8 x 4 the prices were just insulting at least I think so


On the growing training technique you need to first think of your plan.

This was the mistakes I made in that past. I had no plan thinking about end goals / future goals

What works in your space? May not work in mine!! What gear do I need to achieve my goals? Training Clips… no clips. Tie downs. Nets. Etc. Do you need extra room for Fans / Ac / dehumidifier/ humidifier?

Because not everyone space is the same.


Nice :+1::seedling::seedling::seedling:
That is exactly what I’m aiming for IF my #@$%O does Brick :pray::crossed_fingers::roll_eyes:


wish i had more room area as my grow area is limited to the hallway corner :cry:

i recall your tent set up :star_struck: @Mpower11 but could share your set up again for a current refresher?


I just went on there site I can get the complete tent kit for $600 bucks and order a bucket kit off amazon for 50. this is what I am going to go with it will be perfect!


Will do just need to address a project I’m working on in there first then I will get some pictures


Show some pictures of the inside


Day 63 update (day 25 flower):

  • added 6" AC T6 exhaust fan (speed set @ 3) with a 4" AC S4 active air intake fan (speed set @ 6) to better control the tent’s ventilation environment :heart_eyes:

  • added some height assistance :brick: at the bottom of the LEFT bucket to try to even out the top canopies of the grows …both continue to get taller :straight_ruler: …keeping the recommended 12" -18" light clearance so hopefully they don’t get much taller than this :slight_smile:

  • gave them a heavy trim :scissors: during water :droplet: change today…side branches and lower buds that weren’t getting good light :sunny: from above were cut off :scissors: …attempted to separate bud sites as much as possible with white and green garden wire :wind_face: :bulb:

  • so far so good with leaves still perky :coffee: after a deep trim :scissors:

  • comments from AG are appreciated :slight_smile:


Lookin sexy! No comments from me at this time :wink:


Looks great how are you finding the extra intake fan? better air flow and climate? Also you should still have np getting negative air pressure.