Nutrients for my grobo

So after having my grobo offline for a good while i came back to see the company went out of business. I am hoping someone has an idea what i should do for nutrients. I saw another post about using another companies nutrients but am unsure. Can anyone provide me some insight so i can continue to happily use my grobo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Here’s a thread that might help:


@Traumaforyou Grobo used GreenPlanets Duel Fuel - they watered it down and re-sold it to us. For over a year I have been running better grows with Duel Fuel undiluted than i did with the Grobo nutes.

Also - The new owners of Grobo tech are keeping things running, and will soon be selling nutes and other supplies again.


Hi :fist_right:
Great news about the future of Grobo :+1: